About Pastor Daniel Ferraz

Daniel was born in Reading, England and Petra in Munich, Germany. Blessed with speaking 5 European languages between them, Petra and Daniel Ferraz have served Seventh-day Adventist churches in three World Divisions together for approximately 33 years. One year in the Portuguese Union, ten in the South England Conference, then four “on loan” to the Swiss-French speaking Conference. As they were about to return to England in 2006 they received a call to Kalamazoo, Michigan, U.S.A. where they served for over nine years. Now, called by the Lord to Holly and Grand Blanc, they are happy to have been serving the Lord and the community here the past eight years or so. Pastor Ferraz loves Jesus and is constantly searching for the transforming power of His Amazing Grace in the unchangeable Word of God, and preaches the promise of Christ's soon return in power and great glory to save His people to everlasting life. Daniel and Petra love healthy eating and running 5 k's. They are blessed with two precious daughters, Esther and Jessica.